Salt Creek Beach Weddings & Events

Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point is one of our all time favorite wedding & special events locations. This venue is located near the ritz carlton hotel, and all events take place at the North Beach area. Where bride and groom can have their ceremony in the sand with the waves of the pacific ocean crashing on the golden sand behind them. Then on the grassy knoll area above the beach is where all receptions & parties take place. This location is amazing because its private with the ability to handle large guest capacities. We believe Salt Creek Beach Venue is the perfect destination wedding location!


Salt Creek Beach Wedding Ceremony_atyourservicecaters


Salt Creek Beach Wedding Ceremony Decoration_atyourservicecaters


Salt Creek Beach Wedding Beach Ceremony_atyourservicecaters


Salt Creek Beach Wedding Table Decorations_atyourservicecaters


Salt Creek Beach Wedding Bride & Groom Toast_atyourservicecaters


Salt Creek Beach Wedding Bride & Groom 1st Dance_atyourservicecaters


Salt Creek Beach Wedding Canopy and Dance-floor_atyourservicecaters


Salt Creek Beach Wedding Bistro Bulb Lighting_atyourservicecaters


Salt Creek Beach Blue Hawaiian Drink_atyourservicecaters


Salt Creek Beach Wedding Venue Sunset

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